Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Secret Circle

For those of you who love the show The Vampire Diaries, as well as the books by L.J. Smith, then you might enjoy the CW's new series The Secret Circle, from the creators of The Vampire Diaries and also based off of L.J. Smith's books. 

I have read the Vampire Diaries books, but not the Secret Circle ones (those have sitting on my shelf for a while now -_-). But for those of you who have read the Secret Circle books and are watching the show tonight, I'd love to hear some feed back on the differences between the two. I know the Vampire Diaries books and show are nothing alike, but that's not necessarily a bad thing :)

So check out the premiere tonight @ 9c! 


Hades2 said...

I really enjoyed The Secret Circle series. I wonder if they will show this in the UK?

Jenny @ Chocolatechunkymunkie

Donna said...

Great site. I am a new GFC follower from blogaholic. Hope you'll stop by and follow my blog. Look forward to following you.I shared your blog on My Life.'s face book page. Donna

Cassandra (The Book and Movie Dimension blogger) said...

Hi Danielle wow, I'm absolutely in love with The Secret Circle and was going to do a commentary on it. Watched on Thursday and loved!

Really glad you decided to be blogger friends thanks! So comment or reach me through the blog (contact form) I love to hear from you. Your right having lots of followers is nice but want to comment together a lot and get to know people.

~ Cassandra

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