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Beyond Reach (True Calling #2) by Siobhan Davis

Beyond Reach (True Calling #2)Beyond Reach by Siobhan Davis
Published April 30th 2015
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Back on Earth, Ariana is caught in a dangerous crossfire between clandestine rebel organization Clementia and the power-hungry government. Refusing to divulge the location of the secret information entrusted to her by her late father, she desperately tries to bargain for her Mom, Lily, and Cal’s rescue. She’s fighting a losing battle, and the clock is ticking.

Presented with evidence of her fiancĂ© Cal’s apparent betrayal, she loyally defends him despite her concerns. With her emotions in turmoil, matters become even more complicated as she grows closer to her ex-boyfriend Zane.

When the stakes are raised, a succession of shocking revelations rocks her world, setting her on a path that will not only change her destiny but the fate of humanity.

Confronted by a memory so abhorrent comes a truth she would do anything to forget.

But some things just can’t be undone.

“Everything changed the moment I found you. I changed.”

It’s been so long since I’ve been this emotionally invested in a book/series. I cannot wait for the next book especially because that ending…cliff hanger!

I had thought the first book True Calling was pretty great, Beyond Reach was even more amazing. I would first like to thank NetGalley for approving me to receive this ebook ahead of its release, and would also like to thank the author Siobhan Davis herself for being in contact with me.

One of the things I really love about this series is the characters. It is impossible not to feel the pain, love and longing radiating from Zane. He continues to protect Ari and care for her even when it pains him to do so, even when he knows his feelings for her may be unrequited. Ari herself is just a jumble of emotions: she loves Cal, but at the same time, she cannot deny the feelings stirring inside her whenever she is with Zane; she may not remember being in love with Zane before her move to Nova, but the connection they had is still there even if the memories are not. Cal…I have always been a bit skeptical about him. Sometimes I like him, other times not-so-much. This is why I never like love triangles; I almost feel like I am the one caught in the middle of the two, trying to decide which guy I want to be with – its too much for a girl to handle, especially Ari who has other things she needs to deal with. However, Davis makes the love triangle work in this series. In other series, it feels as though love triangles are just thrown in for the heck of it, not really there to serve any real purpose to the plot but Davis does not do that, and that is really quite refreshing.

I could talk about this book/series forever; I have grown so attached to the characters and their story but if I were to keep talking, I would probably end up spoiling something which I really do not want to do. This second installment is fast-paced and heart wrenching. It is full of so many twists and turns, some you may see coming but also others that are like a huge slap in the face, completely unexpected. The world building was fantastic and I loved how we got to see more of what was happening down on Earth.

The only complaint I have is the ending – the huge, massive cliff hanger. I complain because I am dying to know what happens next and the thought of waiting for the next book is dreadful. However, it was a perfect place to stop because there’s no way someone can read that ending and decide, “I don’t want to read the next book.” This series has a little bit of everything and I highly recommend it.

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Suzi Q, The Book Dame said...

Yay!!! I love finding five star reviews for books that I have never heard of. Thank you for the great review. I am off to check out the first book in this series.
Suzi Q., The Book Dame

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