Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day MisAdventures


Obviously, today is Valentine's Day. Many may argue that it is a rather stupid and vain holiday, and some may think it is the most romantic. However way you look at it, you cannot deny that most people, love or hate the holiday, enjoy stuffing their faces with chocolate given to them by their loved ones.

Single people tend to feel left out of this holiday. I can see why, I really can. However, I feel like Valentine's Day is more than just about being with your significant lover; to me, it is a day to spend with anyone you love, whether it be friends, family, etc. If I am quite honest, I always had a problem with the idea that Valentine's Day is the one day of year you should share your love; in my opinion, you should always let the people you love know that you care, not necessarily by buying them chocolate and flowers everyday, but by doing little things. I think it's silly that people go all crazy with love just because a greeting card company tells them too. I feel as though everyday should be Valentine's Day when you are with someone you love, but that's just me.

So everyone, how is your Valentine's Day going?

Mine was pretty great, but not for the reason you think.

I spent the early afternoon hiking through a cypress swamp as a field trip for my Environmental Biology course. And naturally, living in Florida, it poured the whole last half hour we were there. If you have ever lived, or even visited Florida, then you are probably aware of how bi-polar the weather is here. Sunny one minute, raining cats and dogs the next.

Not only did we all get soaked, but on the way back, my group sort of got lost...we ended up driving thirty minutes in the opposite direction of our university. In our defense, the rain was still coming down hard and people down here don't know what to do when it rains. Florida drivers are pretty bad as it is, but throw in some rain and chaos breaks out; they act like they've never seen rain before. It ended up taking us about an hour to get back to campus when the swamp was only twenty minutes away.

Now all this may sound terrible, but honestly, it was actually pretty fun. Of course, I am sure it is not anyone's ideal way to spend their Valentine's Day, but we ended up enjoying ourselves and having a good laugh. It also gave us the opportunity to play the license plate game; this time of the year, we get all sorts of people visiting from other states, especially the snowbirds from up north.

(Some of the plates we saw; realized I missed a few after I posted this; oops!)
So that is my Valentine's Day story. My plans for the rest of the night? Eating chocolate, watching the hockey game King of the Nerds with my friends (I have no idea why we find this show so fascinating; I hate reality shows but just can't stop watching this one) xD


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