Thursday, September 27, 2012

'The Casual Vacancy' Release + Blog Update

Alright, so who else besides me is eager to get their hands on this book?! I have been patiently awaiting the day Ms Rowling would release a new book and at last, my wait it over! Unfortunately, I have yet to get my greedy little paws on a copy of this book. Being a brand new novel, it's only in hardcover and costs way too much than a poor little college freshmen like myself can afford *sighs*. But when I do finally get around to reading the book, you can all expect a review for it.

Sorry the blog has been lacking in activity the past few months. I had just begun college in the middle of August and have been adjusting to college life ever since. But now I feel inspired to get back into blogging, so expect good things to come! I will try to type up reviews for books I have read over the last few months and have them up here soon. So keep checking back for more updates! :)


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