Monday, June 9, 2014


Today, I stumbled upon a website similar to GoodReads called BookLikes

Now, I am a total GoodReads addict. There is no help for me. I am constantly going on the iPhone app at random times throughout the day, sometimes for no reason at all; I just have the strong urge to go check it. I am also always adding more books that I do not have time to read. Needless to say, I love GoodReads a lot. Forget Facebook.

BookLikes is somewhat similar to GoodReads and even lets you import your GoodReads shelves to their site. Saved me a lot of time, and was super easy. What is different between the two sites is that while GoodReads gives you a profile page, BookLikes gives you something more along the lines of a blog, which is customizable in all the ways a normal blog, such as the one you are on now, is. 

It is pretty cool if you ask me. 

I am still getting the hang of it but so far I am impressed. If you want to know more about BookLikes, check out their About page:

If you decide to join up, check out my page:

After you guys check it out, tell me what you think about it. GoodReads is still my number one social media site for books, but I cannot deny that I was very impressed by BookLikes

Happy reading,


Anonymous said...

BookLikes seems so cool! Thanks for the find!

Probably going to be my new addiction =D

Danielle said...

Woo, welcome to the club! As if we do not have enough book related addictions already right? xD

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