Sunday, November 11, 2012

Upcoming Reviews + College Update

Hey guys! I came home from college for the long holiday weekend and have actually found some time to squeeze in some reading, which I am very happy about. So, you can look forward to reviews for the following books to be up within the next few days, once I get the time to write them up :)

Also, just to give you a little update on college life...

I have decided Pre-Nursing is not for me. Instead, I changed my major to something that I believe will make me very happy in life: English. I love English; it has always been my best/favorite subject in school, and obviously, I love to read. I am also always noticing grammar and/or punctuation mistakes in books. I had originally wanted to do something with English but kept hearing how there isn't much you could do with an English degree. And while that may to true, I am confident with my decision, and am looking forward to earning a degree in something that, may not be practical, but makes me happy. My plans are to become a book editor. I am more excited now than ever for the future, though I am aware of the work it will take to get to where I want to be.

But yes, that is pretty much it. If any of you happen to be involved in the publishing business, or just have any advice to give to someone who aspires to become an editor, feel free to comment below. This is something I really want and am willing to work hard for, so I would appreciate any help I can receive.

Talk you all soon.
Happy Reading! ;D


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